You’ve asked for a Step by Step Slow Cooker Beef Broccoli Recipe and Video, Here You Are!

Few days ago hundreds of you saw our Yummy Slow Cooker Beef Broccoli quick recipe and you wanted to get more details. So you will be pleased to see that we’ve heard you.

Check out below, note that few adjustments were made. Ingredient & Video at the end of the post.
Crock Pot Beef Broccoli chop onions garlicFirst chop the onions and garlic Crock Pot Beef Broccoli cut steak in stripsCut your steak in stripsCrock Pot Beef Broccoli add them in crockpotPour everything in the Slow CookerCrock Pot Beef Broccoli easy simple sauceStart your sauce

Click the “Page 2” Button below for the Soya Sauce Prep.

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