An Incredible Pork Loin Every Time You Cook!

If you’re in the mood for a simple dinner of meat and vegetables, but need to shake up your chicken breast (or pork chop) routine, pork tenderloin is your ticket.
Pork tenderloin is best quickly cooked over fairly high heat, while pork loin lends itself well to slow-roasting or grilling methods.
But today you’ll discover how to make an extraordinary tenderloin in the slow cooker…


If you’ve heard of hasselback potatoes, you’ll know that this dish consists of making a series of parallel cuts in the pork loin, then stuffing each cut with thinly sliced apple. Put it in the slow cooker, along with some potatoes and carrots, some tasty honey balsamic sauce and you’ll get a wonderful meal…

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-prepare-meat1st prepare your tenderloin (you’ll need two of them)

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-make-small-cutMake small parallel cuts across the loin

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-baby-potatoesDrop your baby potatoes in the pot

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-baby-carrotsAnd baby carrots

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-place-in-the-potFill each cuts with apples…

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-soy-sauceNow you’ll start the sauce by pouring soy sauce

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-balsamicSome vinegar…

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-honeyAnd honey

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-dijon-mustardDijon mustard


slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-garlicMinced garlic

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-add-salt-and-pepperAnd finally… salt and pepper.

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-mix-the-sauce-wellThat’s all for the sauce ingredients… Mix them well!

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-pour-saucePour over the pork loin and veggies.

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-cover-and-cookslow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-cover-and-cookCover and cook on HIGH for 3 to 4 hours.

slow-cooker-hasselback-apple-pork-loin-mmmmWOW… Look at this beautiful plate. It’s ready to serve!

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