Grass Fed Beef Recipe Continued:

Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe in the crock-pot
I then set the slow cooker on low and let it do its thing for 9 hours while I hit the sack. (Ah, the nocturnal life of a night shift worker…)
Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe8
When I woke up, the house was suffused with a rich, beefy aroma. I couldn’t wait to peek at the stew. Lifting the lid off the slow cooker, I saw that the meat had pulled away from the bone and the marrow was perfectly cooked. Score!

Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe9
I removed and plated the bones (and delicious marrow), shredded the meat, and tasted the stew for seasoning. The pot liquor was exploding with flavor, but it was a bit on the sweet side for my taste from all the onions and carrots, so I added a couple of tablespoons of coconut aminos and some more salt and pepper.

Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe10
In the meantime, I oven-roasted some cremini mushrooms tossed with Tabil seasoning and macadamia nut oil (400 F on convection roast for 25 minutes) and quickly whipped up some garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes (this time, substituting extra virgin olive oil for the grass-fed butter).
Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe11

Here’s my dinner plate:

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