Organic Grass Fed Beef Crock-Pot Recipe

I love beef. I like to make sure that quality is there and that it’s healthy. For this recipe we are going to use grass fed beef (I must admit that it isn’t the cheapest one). Of course we can debate for hours, the aim of a slow cooker is for definitely to be able to cook cheaper pieces of meat, cook it longer so that it becomes super tender. Ideal for stretched budgets and mine as well.

But, today we’re choosing something different.

Let’s get started:
Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe4
I dumped the baby carrots and chopped onions into the bottom of my slow cooker…
Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe 3
…and layered the cabbage wedges on top.
Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe2

I threw in the smashed garlic cloves and bay leaves, and seasoned the beef shanks with salt and pepper to taste (by the way, feel free to be pretty heavy-handed with the S&P).
Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe

Then, I plopped ‘em on top of the cabbage.
Delicious Grass Fed Beef Slow Cooker Recipe6

The last step was to pour in the diced tomatoes and broth…

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