Delicious 4 Ingredients Crock Pot Chicken Recipe.

This super easy and flavorful chicken only requires four ingredients, few minutes of preparation and 4 hours in the slow cooker… If you’re looking for the easiest recipes, you’re on the right place!

Prepare the crockpot, we’re starting right now. A simple meal that the whole family and friends will love…
4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing2Start by placing boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a slow cooker
4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing3Season with salt and pepper.
along with chicken broth.
4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing0Mix a box of stuffing with canned soup; cream of mushroom is our favorite, but you could use cream of chicken or any other creamed soup you like.
4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing1Add a touch of water, mix it all together

4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing5and dump into the slow cooker.
4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing7Spread he mixture all over breasts and cover

4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing8After 4 hours, you have a meal your family will always be asking for.
4 Ingredients Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing9
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