Slow Cooker Experiment – Crock Pot Shrimp Boil…

Slow Cooker Experiment Crock Pot Shrimp Boil

This Slow Cooker Shrimp Boil is Everything But Standard… Ready For an Uncommon Recipe?

I was looking for something different…
Recipes we seldom see, or cook. Seafood Crock-Pot recipes aren’t all over the web. There’s a good reason, it’s because you shall not cook seafood for a long time. But of course there is a workaround, simply add them at the end of the recipe.

I’m gonna share this video I found on Youtube. Honestly I’m not totally conviced about ingredients mix and would have done it slightly differently. But this nice guy took the time and effort of shooting a video about it, let’s think on how we could improve it. I already have a few ideas on the back of my head.

Ready for the video? Ok, let’s start:

Interesting, wasn’t it?

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