Learn How To Cook Fresh Sausages and Pre-Cooked Sausages in the Crock Pot.


Did you know that you need to follow another procedure when cooking Raw/Fresh Sausages than for Pre-Cooked ones?
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No? So let’s dig right into the subject:
Sausages fall into one of two categories: fresh sausage, such as fresh kielbasa or bratwurst, and pre-cooked sausages, like smoked sausage or knockwurst, according to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. Both can be prepared in a slow cooker, though you’ll need to follow a different method depending on the type.

Pre-cooked sausage needs to be heated through, while fresh, raw sausage needs to be cooked for a longer amount of time to ensure it is safe to eat. All types of sausage are high in sodium, fat, and saturated fat; eat sausage in moderation and only occasionally, especially if you have high blood pressure or heart disease.

Pre-Cooked Sausage

  1. Place pre-cooked sausage links in the bottom of the slow cooker. Put the lid securely in place. How to cook sausages in a slow cooker03
  2. Turn the slow cooker to the high setting and allow the sausages to cook for two hours, or set the cooker to the low setting and cook the sausages for approximately four hours.How to cook sausages in a slow cooker05
  3. Use tongs to remove the sausages. Serve immediately, or turn the slow cooker to the warm setting, if available, to keep the sausages warm for several hours.How to cook sausages in a slow cooker06

Fresh Sausage

  1. Heat olive oil in a large skillet and add whole or sliced fresh sausage links. Use a fork to prick each whole sausage in several places. Brown the sausages on all sides. How to cook sausages in a slow cooker04How to cook sausages in a slow cooker04
  2. Transfer the browned sausages to the slow cooker. Add vegetables like sliced bell peppers, sliced onions, cubed potatoes, carrots, or cabbage wedges, if desired. Pour in a liquid such as water, broth, red wine, or tomato sauce, planning on one-third cup of liquid for every 2 pounds of fresh sausage.How to cook sausages in a slow cooker03
  3. Allow the sausage mixture to cook on low for six to eight hours, or until a meat thermometer registers 165 degrees F and there is no visible pink in the center of the sausage. How to cook sausages in a slow cooker07


Pair sausages with a variety of different seasonings, including garlic, oregano, or thyme.
Serve slow-cooked sausage over brown rice, polenta tossed with whole-grain pasta or tucked into crusty whole-wheat rolls.
Fresh or pre-cooked sausage can also be added to soups or stews prepared in the slow cooker. Dice or slice the sausage, brown it in a small amount of oil and add it to the soup ingredients before cooking.

Sausage is one of the things I enjoy making in a crock pot. There are lots of different ways to make sausage in a Crock Pot. These recipes are easy to make and don’t break the bank. Plus, they’re all low-tech and easy on your electricity bills too.

How to cook sausages in a Crock Pot as seen on SlowCookerSociety.com

Okay, it’s pretty simple. Now you’re ready to make wonderful sausages in your crockpot! Don’t forget to share!

Via LiveStrong How to Cook Sausage in a Crock-Pot.
Take it easy and plan you next meal!

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