You’re Busy? So, this Amazing Crock Pot Ranch Chicken is for You!

Just imagine that you could have your chicken and your veggies with the same cream sauce that elevates both. You know, just sayin’…  Now you can have it by getting this incredible and flavorful Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken. There’s no need to worry about coming up with a delicious sauce because this one takes the guesswork out of the equation with a velvety and delicious taste. All you have to do is combine all the ingredients, put them in your slow cooker, and wait around a few hours. Once you take your first bite, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try this sooner.

Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken SlowCookerSociety

Mmmm… an all-in-one recipe that combines the main and side dishes together… And as a bonus, you’ll get a delicious and creamy ranch dressing!
The ideal recipe for busy people…

Let’s dive in now:

Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken as seen on SlowCookerSociety01

Start by adding in a bowl the cream of chicken, half-and-half, and spices. Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken as seen on SlowCookerSociety02

Then stir well.Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken as seen on SlowCookerSociety03

Add russet cubed potatoes at the bottom of the slow cooker.Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken as seen on SlowCookerSociety04

And the baby carrots,Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken as seen on SlowCookerSociety05

time for the chicken… season with salt and pepper.Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken as seen on SlowCookerSociety06

Pour your mixture over the chicken…

Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken as seen on SlowCookerSociety07

Cover and cooker on LOW for 7 to 8 hours.

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