Breakfast Fun: Crock-Pot Eggs in Avocados

Crock-Pot Eggs in Avocados: This breakfast is usually made in the oven!... But you want to try the Slow Cooker version for more

Do you believe it? Yeah, You can cook an exotic breakfast in your Slow Cooker!

I know, this breakfast recipe is usually made in the oven!… But you want to try the Slow Cooker version for more “creamy”, respectively less dry eggs 🙂
A funny thing while writing this recipe is that I wasn’t sure whether the avocado should be considered as a fruit or a vegetable… And, the answer is “Fruit“!

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Don’t wait, start right away by laying a sheet of baking paper on bottom of your Crock Pot and Turn it on HIGH.
Cut one big avocado in half and take out the seed.
Place the halves on baking paper, cut side facing up.
Then crack an egg into the seed hollow of avocado’s half. (without breaking the egg).

Cook on HIGH for 45mins or until eggs are cooked to your liking.

Remove them from the slow cooker, sprinkle with salt, pepper and any spice you like to your taste.

Crock-Pot Eggs in Avocados

INGREDIENTS: (Pretty short list this time)

1 large avocado
2 eggs (one for each half)
Black pepper
Your preferred spices

Serve with good bread or anything you like for your breakfast.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to share 🙂