The main functions and purpose of Crock Pot.

Here’s a short video explaining the basics of a slow cooker… By the way, foods and liquids are dropped in the ceramic pot. You should never add liquids between the slow cooker and ceramic dish.
(seems obvious but some asked).

A slow cooker is often known as a crock-pot (that’s a brand). The main reason we have a slow cooker is because it cooks food at a low steady heat between around 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 280 degrees Fahrenheit.
This is an essential time-saving appliance to have in your kitchen and it’s great for beginners because essentially all you need to do, is put your food in the pot, go to work and you have a great stew or a a delicious pot roast when you come back.
A slow cooker usually comes with two temperatures settings, a high temperature and a low temperature, some do have a timer others don’t. You can also keep your food warm. It is great when you have parties and you don’t want to eat everything at the same time and it keeps the food warm throughout the night.

Now a few little tips when using your slow cooker, at first if you’re using meat, sometimes it’s better to actually brown the meat beforehand if you want to reach your flavor that’s a really good thing to do. Also when you’re adapting recipes from other methods of cooking, be aware of how much liquid you put in obviously the liquid in a slow cooker doesn’t cook off. Usually you can reduce the liquid to as much as half and that will help it in the slow cooker and that the same when you’re using wine, because the wine usually cooks off when you’re using other methods of cooking.

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The main functions and purpose of Crock Pot. Here’s a short video explaining the basics

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