Pulled BBQ Chicken Crockpot Recipe Mastered By a Man

Another weekend is coming soon; as you mentioned in the previous weeks, we like to motivate our husbands to cook (they won’t admit it, but they love it)
This pulled Chicken BBQ is super easy to prepare. You can use the sauce you like the best, no specific one is required. It could simply be salsa or your preferred barbecue sauce.

Note that some people commented about the fact that they did not wash the chicken before.

John Taylor says, “it has been said several times in the past that you need to wash your chicken due to salmonella. This has been proven to be bad advice. By washing the chicken, you are effectively turning your sink into a salmonella sprinkler system. By simply cooking the chicken well, all salmonella is destroyed, and you don’t have a kitchen full of salmonella droplets. Heating bacteria kills it; running water over it doesn’t.”

asy Pulled BBQ Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe

So do some homework and search the internet for the answer that you feel is the most accurate. Some people say the opposite.

Now back to our chicken:

Watch the video Now to see the directions:

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