How long can you leave food in the slow cooker once it is fully cooked?

How long can you leave food in a Slow Cooker - SlowCookerSociety tips

Many people cook many meals in their slow cooker because it’s a cheap and easy way to cook food. But many people don’t know how long they can leave food in the slow cooker before it goes bad. If you want to save your slow cooker from going bad, you should know that food should be removed from the slow cooker as soon as it is done cooking. Food should not be left in the slow cooker for hours, as it will go bad and be a health hazard. The best time to remove food from the slow cooker is when it is finished cooking and turned off.


Stick to the cooking time indicated on your recipe.

When it comes to cooking, the recipe you get depends on the slow cooker you are using. If you are not experienced using a slow cooker, stick to the cooking time indicated in the recipe.

Don’t leave it on warm the whole day.

If you want to protect your slow cooker and food, never leave it on warm the whole day. Leaving your slow cooker on warm all day can possibly result in poisoning.

stomachache due to food poisoning


More tips: What is the difference between the low and high settings?

There are two settings for the slow cooker, low and high. The low setting is perfect for cooking with delicate meats. The high setting is helpful for dishes you might want to cook with an intense sauce. Of course, you can select the appropriate setting depending on how much time you have till the recipe gets ready.

To conclude, should you leave the food on warm setting after it is cooked?

In today’s blog, I have outlined that it is not recommended to leave food on the warm setting for an extended period after it has been fully cooked. Once the food is done, and at its optimal cooking point, you want to remove the crock and stop cooking. For example, some vegetables and meat types take longer than other foods to cook due to their thickness.

I hope we have been able to help with an important question!

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